Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teen Idols

Every country around the world has that special girl or guy who is young, has a great voice, and really appeals to that nation's teenagers. Teen idols. The girls worship the guy singers and the guys think the girl singers are hot stuff. Most teen idols usually have a period in which they are famous for a moment but some remain famous long into their adult hood, and many often remain in music but doing other things such as conducting an orchestra (Rulli Rendo, from Peru) or being a DJ and an actor (Anders Nelson from Hong Kong).

Anders Nelson (Hong Kong) - Out of Sight (used with kind permission)

Rulli Rendo (Peru) - Chinita Linda (used with kind permission)

Vaclav Neckar (Czechoslovakia) - Motejl modrejl (Donovan, "Mellow Yellow")

Rob de Nijs (Netherlands) - Ritme van de regen (Cascades, "Rhythm of the Rain")

Ted Herold (West Germany) - Ich Brauch Keine Ring (Elvis Presely, "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck"_

Sylvie Vartan (France) - Gong Gong (Ikettes, "I'm Blue")

Arlette Zola (Switzerland) - Stop Pour M'embrasser

Carol Kim (Vietnam) - Cai tram em cai

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