Thursday, February 9, 2012

Singing In Tongues

Today I decided to share songs in several languages that might be peculiar to someone for whom the only spoken language is English. Basque, Romansh (a Romance language spoken in a few villages in Switzerland), Latvian, Bulgarian, are just some of the languages sung in this post. Most of the songs are clearly recognizable and a few aren't.

Credits: Dundurs (Latvia), Gaya (Azerbaijan), Gila Adari (Israel), Elly Vilhjalms (Iceland), Gil & Leonia (Switzerland; Romansh singers), Estitxu (Basque singer, Spain), Pirats (Catalan singers, Spain), Y Trwynau Coch (Welsh singers, Wales, Britain), Virginia Lee (Afrikaans singer, South Africa), Diego Varagic (Serbian singer, Yugoslavia), Royal Sprites (Thailand), Dave Carroll (Greece), Alberto Gemeerts (Suriname), Emil Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Dolly Roll (Hungary)

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