Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Popular Abroad

A few singers and groups were much more popular abroad than they were in the countries from whence they came. For example, a rather obscure British band called The Deejays was much more popular in Sweden than they were in England. Another case is that of the New Zealand singer Jay Epae, who was popular in New Zealand, but his hit tune, Putti Putti, was wildly (and maybe unexpectedly) popular in Scandinavia, particularly in Finland and Sweden. Here are some bands/singers who couldn't hack it at home but suddenly became popular abroad:

Deejays - "What'cha Tryin to Do?" (From Britain, popular in Sweden)

Jay Epae - "Putti Putti" (From New Zealand, had a HUGE hit with "Putti Putti" in Sweden and Finland)

Cook da Books - "Silverman" (80s band from Britain, more popular abroad, especially in France and Hong Kong, best remembered as "that band in La Boum")

Les Surfs - "Reviens vite et oublie" (This 60s group was originally from Madagascar but was much more popular in France. This song is a cover of "Be My Baby.")

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